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22. Nail Treatments & Enhancement
Sub-categories of 22. Nail Treatments & Enhancement:
Fungus Treatment Nail Strengthener Primer & Bond Aid Others
Fungus Treatment
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Quantity: 300 pcs/case
Minimum Order Item # Name
22113 Vite20 - V20 Antifungal Cream

Quantity: 72 pcs/case
 Vite 20 Nail Gel penetrates quickly and effectively to kill fungus. Simply apply Vite 20 Nail Gel to the skin surrounding the affected nail, twice every day, for results.

  • Kill fungus on contact
  • Fast results
  • Easy to apply
  • No need to remove nail polish
Minimum Order Item # Name
22113-1 Vite20 V20 Anti Fungus Gel 0.5 oz

Quantity: 432 pcs/case
For treatment of fungal infections of the skin by inhibiting the growth and reproduction of fungal cells. Treats fungal infections of hands and feet Has F.D.A. approved ingredient Micomazole Nitrate Fungus killer is tested and approved with an N.D.C.

Size: 0.25 oz

Minimum Order Item # Name
22110 Antifungal Fungus Killer .25 oz.

Quantity: 36 pcs/case
Fung Off is a best selling fungus killing formula produced by No Lift Nails. This maximum strength formula is safe for use on natural and acrylic nails. It complete removes any fungus on your nails completely and easily.

Minimum Order Item # Name
22111 Liquid Fung-Off .5 oz.

Quantity: 216 pcs/case
Kills fungus that can lead to nail infections

No need to remove polish or acrylics

Minimum Order Item # Name

out of stock
22109 Dr. G - Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment

Quantity: 72 pcs/case
With FDA approved Undecylenic acid. Omega labs fungicide is the strongest most effective over the counter nail treatment .

  • Restores nail health with daily use in 12 weeks
  • Directions: Thoroughly wash and dry hands or feet. For best results, apply to affected area 2-3 times a day and keep nails dry and exposed when possible.
Minimum Order Item # Name
22112 Omega Labs - Fungus Treatment
Quantity: 144 pcs/case
Minimum Order Item # Name
22114 Varisi Healthy Nails 0.5 oz
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